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Light curtains


The cegard/Mini-CC light curtain offers a major increase in the level of safeguarding of elevators doors thanks to its criss-cross beams, which remain active up to complete elevator door closure.

cegard/Mini-CC, EN 81-20

The latest version of the cegard/Mini-CC light curtain meets every requirement under EN 81-20. Its criss-cross beams, which remain active up to complete elevator door closure, offer a major increase in elevator door safeguarding.


The cegard/Mini-MOD’s relay-output and universal power supply allows it to be efficiently integrated into any existing elevator facility, with no need for additional components.

cegard/Max custom made

The cegard/Max custom made provides detection and safeguarding for various types of elevators. It can be fully customized in very low quantities to match a customerʼs needs.


The MiniMax light curtain offers a major increase in the level of safeguarding of elevators doors, thanks to its criss-cross beams, which remain active up to complete elevator door closure.


The cegard/Lift greatly increases safeguarding for elevator cabs that do not have inner doors without significantly impacting on available floor space. Its intelligent mounting possibilities save space and allow quick, secure integration.


The GridScan/Mini-SR is EN ISO 13849-1 certified and fulfils Safety Category 2 and Performance Level D without the need for a test by the elevator controller.


The GridScan/Mini is an extremely compact SIL 2-certified safety light curtain. Its door blanking function allows it to be integrated into the door design. The system with an FSS output fulfills EN 13849-1 Cat. 2 without testing.

Light barriers

GLS 126 NT

The GLS 126 NT is a slot-type light barrier which provides millimeter-exact positioning of elevators. Fully sealed with an enclosure rating of IP65, its high light reserve guarantees protection against dirt, dust and smoke.

GLS 326

The GLS 326 slot-type light barrier features three infrared beams, each with its own output. Its integrated twin microprocessors make it possible to cost-effectively provide a variety of applications in combination with the elevator control system.

GLS 526

The GLS 526 slot-type light barrier features five infrared beams, each with its own output. This enables the GLS 526 to provide a variety of hoistway signals which allows for very cost-efficient solutions.

TOF 3D sensors

IMS 100 NT

The IMS 100 NT provides a new level of safeguarding by monitoring the entrance area to elevators. This reduces overall door-opening times and improves elevator efficiency.


The TOF/Spot is a compact yet powerful measuring system with the widest range of application possibilities. It offers ultra-reliable detection and exact detection range setting.


The TOFgard/Mini provides extended protection across both the cabin and landing door closing edges and exceeds EN 81-20 requirements. This massively decreases potential injury and damage. It can be mounted in just four minutes.


The TOFgard/3D offers full entrance-area monitoring, as well as safeguarding cabin and landing door closing edges. It is also an EN 81-20 compliant sensor and can be mounted in four minutes.

Positioning and control systems


The APS is a contactless absolute positioning system for elevators. It supports speeds of up to 20 m/s and distances of up to 1,500 m. As SIL 3 rated, it can be used for safety-relevant functions.


The iDiscovery is a powerful SIL 3 and EN 81-20/50 compliant position supervisor unit. In conjunction with CEDES’ APS (Absolute Positioning System) it takes over safety-relevant functions of an elevator.
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