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Light curtains



cegard/Mini-CC, EN 81-20

最新型的cegard/Mini-CC光幕符合EN 81-20的全部要求。其保持激活状态直到门完全关闭的交叉光束能够显著增强电梯门防护。

cegard/Max custom made

The cegard/Max custom made provides detection and safeguarding for various types of elevators. It can be fully customized in very low quantities to match a customerʼs needs.

TOF 3D sensors


The TOFgard/Mini provides extended protection across both the cabin and landing door closing edges and exceeds EN 81-20 requirements. This massively decreases potential injury and damage. It can be mounted in just four minutes.


The TOFgard/3D offers full entrance-area monitoring, as well as safeguarding cabin and landing door closing edges. It is also an EN 81-20 compliant sensor and can be mounted in four minutes.
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